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Transferable Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) have become a popular method of payment due to their security, third-party benefits, and payment guarantee in international transactions, yet they remain a complex financial instrument. Hamilton Reserve Bank provides hassle-free Standby Letters of Credit that protect both service providers from the risk of non-payment and customers/importers from the risk of non-performance. The Bank’s transaction experts guide clients through every step of the service process, ensuring a seamless exchange of goods and services.

Letters of Credit

A commercial Letter of Credit is a widely used financial instrument that bridges the gap between buyers and sellers with the neutrality and guarantee of a trusted Bank. This bank instrument mitigates credit risk and is an essential vehicle for payment for trade financing. It is particularly suitable for business relationships where two parties must establish trust, and now through a bank.

Export Letters
of Credit

Exporters that understand the importance of strategic partnerships recognize Hamilton Reserve Bank specialists as an essential resource of banking assistance. The benefits of an export Letter of Credit are:

  • Exporters are assured of receiving payment if compliant with all terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit
  • Exporter relies upon the creditworthiness of the issuing bank rather than that of the importer
  • Term Letters of Credit can be discounted upon acceptance of drafts, thereby expediting cash flow
  • Exporters may offer extended payment terms through a Letter of Credit

Import Letters
of Credit

A Letter of Credit serves as both a payment vehicle to be utilized by exporters as well as an important financing tool for importers.

Hamilton Reserve Bank specialists are a vital source of information when efficiently structuring import purchases. The benefits of an Import Letter of Credit are:

  • Importers are assured that all terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit are met before payment is made
  • Importers may be able to negotiate more favorable trade terms with the exporter through a Letter of Credit

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