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HAMILTON RESERVE BANK is the largest global bank in the region and the award-winning hometown bank of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton (born 1755). The Bank serves a large and rapidly expanding clientele of local and international residents from 150 countries. We have a fortress balance sheet, pristine BSA/AML compliance, new account approval via eKYC, and 24/7 Temenos digital banking, the world’s most powerful banking technology.

  • Open A New Bank Account 100% Online
  • No Monthly, Annual Account Fees
  • Total Privacy, Asset Protection
  • 24/7 Private Bankers
  • Debit Cards, Investments, Top Correspondent Banks
  • Same Day Wire Transfers Worldwide
  • Client Deposits in 70+ Currencies
  • Client Mix: 60% Business, 40% Personal
  • Clientele: Businesses, Individuals, Large Family Offices
  • Required Account Minimums:
    Personal: US$50,000
    Business: US$100,000

A bank with a deep
british heritage

Founded by esteemed lawyers and bankers from London and New York, Hamilton Reserve Bank has a simple business model:

  • No physical cash
  • No checks
  • No loans
  • No lending
  • The premier HRB "Diamond Black" Debit Mastercard
  • 100% bank wires via Fedwire, ACH, SEPA, SWIFT gpi
  • Pristine annual independent BSA/AML audit

Customer deposits remain in cash or government bonds: Fast, Safe, and Confidential. Integrated solutions across banking, investments, escrow, trustee services, same-day new entity formation plus new bank accounts through our affiliate,AAA Global Incorporation & Trust Inc., a fully licensed trust company and registered agent with a 30-year history since 1994.

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Satisfying Clients
in 150 Countries

  • Accept 70 Deposit Currencies, Same-Day FX
  • Register New Entities + New Bank Accounts in 1 Day
  • HQ: Hamilton Reserve Bank Plaza, A 12-Acre Brick-And-Mortar Campus, the Largest Physical Bank HQ in the Entire Region
  • Worldwide Offices and Affiliates

The Client First Bank


Winner of Temenos
Innovation Hero Award,”
offering customers advanced core banking technology.


Winner of the
2022 Banking Tech USA Award,”
offering Straight-Through Processing via biometric verification, and new client onboarding in minutes.

Hamilton Reserve Bank compliance icon


Our robust BSA/AML program is independently audited annually. The Bank has a spotless compliance history.


The Bank’s global workforce comes from 13 countries and speaks 15 different languages. The Bank supports diversity, charity, and community development.

Serving Clients Worldwide


In addition to accepting customer deposits and facilitating bank wire transfers, the Bank offers investment solutions and investment advice to qualified private banking clients.

PRESS RELEASE:  Hamilton Reserve Bank Partners with Rosenblatt Global Advisors LLC to Offer Tailored Investment Solutions

Deposit safety

The Bank does not accept or transact in physical cash or checks. The Bank has a “no-lending” policy thus has no customer loans. The Bank maintains deposits in cash or selected sovereign bonds, safeguarding customer deposits.

PRESS RELEASE: The 2022 Banking Tech USA Awards Winner Hamilton Reserve Bank Adopts Best Use of Risk, Compliance, and Fraud Protection Technology to Protect Customer Deposit Safety



The Bank processes bank wires to the world in multiple currencies.  Daily incoming or outgoing wires are processed in real-time on the same day. The Bank has highly efficient FX currency conversions.

PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton Reserve Bank Partners with Mastercard to Drive Secure Payments with Speed Around the World


The Bank honors customer privacy. The Bank has a duty to carefully secure client data and holds client trust in confidence against a data breach or cyber threats.

FEATURED STORY BY TEMENOS:  Hamilton Reserve Bank, a global success story by Temenos

PRESS RELEASE: Hamilton Reserve Bank Hosts Banking Technology Giant Temenos in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Business Banking

  • BUSINESS BANKING, INVESTMENT SOLUTIONS: A full range of corporate banking services offered in multiple currencies. The Bank accepts transfers of investment portfolios such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • THE LARGEST ESCROW AGENT BANK IN THE COUNTRY: We are the largest Escrow Agent bank in St. Kitts and Nevis with a 90%+ market share for escrow.
  • BANK TRUST & ESCROW SERVICES: The Bank opens completely segregated trust or escrow accounts for transaction parties such as bankers, asset managers, attorneys, real estate developers, paying agents, accountants, etc. The Bank is a trusted neutral party performing transparently within the terms set out in an escrow or trust agreement.  Typical client activities include M&As, asset sales/divestitures, bankruptcies, restructurings, deal subscriptions, real estate, leasebacks, royalty payments, SPACs, private placements, etc.
  • ONE-STOP BUSINESS SERVICES: We assist clients in new business formation worldwide in many jurisdictions, investments, M&A, debit cards, bank reference letters, and 24/7 online banking.

Private Banking, Wealth

  • PERSONAL & PRIVATE BANKING SOLUTIONS: Wealth planning and cash management serving family offices, external asset managers (EAMs), or individuals. Customers make direct deposits with the Bank or transfer existing investment portfolios such as global stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.
  • A FULL-SERVICE BANK: The Bank opens various bank accounts and accepts deposits in multiple currencies. The Bank offers debit cards and 24/7 e-banking.
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: Direct access to thousands of mutual funds, IPOs, private placements, private equity, and other fund management products and services.

Global Capital Market Execution

  • The Bank supports clients engaged in a variety of global capital market activities, bridging importers & exporters, businesses, and financiers, facilitating the capital needs of intermediary service agents and payment providers, introducing relationships, and expanding activities among customers.
  • The Bank makes available customer access to the Bank's vast strategic contacts throughout the world across many industries and regions.



Safeguarding client PRIVACY is paramount for our bank. We are totally committed.


Delivering PROFESSIONAL banking solutions 24/7. Our attentive private bankers are also available.


Achieving RESULTS for our clients no matter the degree of complexity. We work hard to find solutions.

Leadership Matters

Hamilton Reserve Bank Tony Baldry Chairman

Rt. Hon Sir Tony Baldry

Chairman of the board

Hamilton Reserve Bank Prabhakar Kaza CEO

Prabhakar Kaza


Hamilton Reserve Bank Howard-Anthony-Lewis

Howard Anthony Lewis

Board Member

Hamilton Reserve Bank Antonio-Kenyatta

Antonio Kenyatta


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