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Same-day Multicurrency Bank Wires Worldwide Via Fedwire, ACH, SEPA, and SWIFT gpi

Customer Deposits by SWIFT: EURO (EUR)
Bank Name:
Hamilton Reserve Bank
Nevis, Saint Kitts & Nevis
Account Name:
Customer name
Account #:
Customer account #
INTERMEDIARY BANK (if needed) (SWIFT Field 56)
Intermediary Bank:
Banco Santander S.A.
Madrid, Spain
Customer Deposits by SEPA: EURO (EUR)
Via The European Central Bank
LT14 3060 0000 0431 2625
Hamilton Reserve Bank
Customer name, account number
(SEPA wires typically arrive within 1 hour)
Customer Deposits By SWIFT, ACH, Fedwire ABA#: USD

Contact your bank relationship managers for our fast USD wire transfer instructions. USD wires are typically processed within 1 hour on the same day: Fast, Simple, Private, and Compliant.

Customer Deposits In All Major Currencies Worldwide

Customers can keep incoming wire deposits in the original sender’s currency, OR in USD. Outgoing wires can be sent in any currency. Please inform your relationship managers and request our multicurrency wire instructions. Fast, Simple, and Compliant.

Hamilton Reserve Bank Accepts Customer Deposits in 60+ Different Currencies
Making A Deposit / Incoming Wires Are Simple

We receive customer incoming wires, including third-party wires from more than 150 countries. In general, incoming wires without additional compliance reviews are automatically credited to customer accounts upon receipt.

Making A Withdrawal / Outgoing Wires Are Simple

Outgoing wires, including third-party wires, are customer self-directed online through secure e-banking portals. Bank officers may contact customers to verify wire authorizations before processing. Approved outgoing wires are automatically processed on the same day.

Powered by Advanced Banking Technology

We have made multi-million-dollar investments in keeping up with the latest financial technology. Our white-glove client services are powered by Temenos, the world’s largest and most reputed core banking software that runs 80% of the world’s largest banks.

Wire Transfer Guidelines:

Bank customers can transact via secure online banking 24/7. Due to security and compliance requirements, the Bank has set an online wire transfer limit for each transaction.

No limit, regardless of the amount.

RETAIL CUSTOMERS: Any account with less than US$1 million in daily deposit balances.
Up to US$25,000 ONLINE per individual account and up to US$100,000 ONLINE per business account.

PRIVATE BANKING CUSTOMERS: Accounts with more than US$1 million in daily deposit balances. Up to US$25,000 per individual account and up to US$100,000 per business account. The Bank may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

The Bank transacts via SWIFT (SWIFT code: NIBTKNNE) and other payment rails. To comply with regulatory requirements around the world, the Bank may require payment proof such as invoices or other documentation from our customers in order to efficiently process bank wires, which are typically completed within two business days or less. Please contact the Bank for wire transfer instructions for other currencies.

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