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Banking with
Hamilton Reserve Bank is
fast, simple, and secure:

The Bank does not accept cash or checks. All bank wire transactions are conducted via SWIFT or Fedwire/ABA.

Hamilton Reserve Bank’s
Wire Transfer Details are as follows:

Please login to your customer portal, or email the Bank’s client support department (Business Customer:; Personal Customer: to obtain the Bank’s wire transfer details for immediate use.

Among the Fastest Bank Wires Around the World

Our U.S. bank transacts directly with the U.S. Federal Reserve, providing the fastest wire transfer speed, ultimate customer deposit safety, full compliance, and customer privacy protected by law. USD and EURO are our primary customer deposit and transaction currencies. Our customer onboarding and wire transfers are automated and self-directed online through secure facial recognition technology.

Customer Self-directed Online Banking 24/7

The banks offer direct customer support from our staff during office hours (U.S. Eastern Time). Bank customers also gain access to account updates and self-directed banking services 24/7 through secured customer online portals.

Making A Deposit / Incoming Wires Are Simple

The banks receive customer incoming wires, including third party wires from more than 150 countries. In general, incoming wires without additional compliance reviews are automatically credited to customer accounts upon receipt.

Making A Withdrawal / Outgoing Wires Are Simple

Outgoing wires, including third-party wires, are customer self-directed online through secure e-banking portals. Bank officers may contact customers to verify wire authorizations before processing. Approved outgoing wires are automatically processed on the same day.

Powered by Advanced Banking Technology

The banks have made multi-million-dollar investments in keeping up with the latest financial technology. Our white-glove client services are powered by Temenos, the world’s largest and most reputed core banking software that runs 80% of the world’s largest banks.

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