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A leading global bank supporting customer relationships in 150 countries
As the largest global bank in the entire region, Hamilton Reserve Bank has an efficient account application process: Submit Bank Account Application Forms online (personal visits to the Bank are always welcome but not required). All documents are submitted electronically and no original documents are accepted.
The Bank serves a worldwide clientele, supports customer activities in more than 150 countries, offering customer deposits in 10 different currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, AED, JPY, SGD, HKG via SWIFT wires. For wire transfer instruction CLICK HERE.
Deposit existing investment portfolios with the Bank: HRB’s customers can also transfer their existing investment portfolios such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other instruments directly to the Bank.
NO account application fees, NO monthly or annual account maintenance fees, and NO minimum balance fees.
The Bank opens 3 types of bank accounts:
(1) Personal Account.
The minimum initial deposit: 

(2) Private Banking Account.
Private banking clients are assigned dedicated private bankers offering personal services 24/7. The minimum deposit is

(3) Business Account:
Applicable to all types of entities formed in many jurisdictions worldwide (Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, Foundations, Trusts, Partnerships, SPACs, etc.). All business account applications use the same business account application form. The minimum initial deposit: US$100,000.


REGISTER NEW BUSINESSES + NEW BANK ACCOUNTS + NEW ST. KITTS & NEVIS ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP + TOTAL PRIVACY: The Bank assists customers in forming new entities in Nevis or any other approved worldwide locations.
The Bank is the only Escrow Agent bank in St. Kitts & Nevis directly licensed by the federal government to offer escrow services to real estate developers/agents for the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program.

Typically, the Bank opens customer bank accounts in less than 10 days. An approved customer is required to make the minimum initial deposit within 5 business days after an account is opened.

Customer Acceptance Standard: The Bank follows customer acceptance compliance protocols through the Bank’s formal engagements with prominent third-party due diligence experts such as Kroll Inc., which is the world’s largest compliance adviser trusted by global banks and governments. HRB pays service providers significant upfront fees to pre-qualify each prospective customer.

Fees: The Bank has NO account application fees, NO monthly or annual account maintenance fees, and NO minimum balance fees. There is a one-time, third-party due diligence charge to reimburse the Bank for its upfront costs associated with a successful customer approval, payable to the Bank only after an account is opened. If the Bank is unable to approve an application for any reason, there is no charge.

Protect Customer Privacy: The Bank maintains strict confidentiality for all relationships regardless of if they are the Bank’s customers. Nevis has one of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

Learn More: A Welcome Letter From Bank Chairman Sir Tony Baldry 

Banking with HRB is efficient and transparent. Apply for a bank account.

The Bank Serves Some of the World’s Most Successful Families and Entities: HRB’s customers are all types of sophisticated institutions such as corporations, foundations, trusts, LLCs, LLPs, etc. domiciled in many countries around the globe, as well as ultra-high-net-worth individuals and large family offices worldwide.

Why Bank with Hamilton Reserve Bank? The Bank’s customers seek efficient, modern, reliable, and hassle-free banking services offered by a strong and reputable global bank operating at the “speed of Wall Street” – with a high degree of credibility, efficient multi-currency wire payments to more than 150 countries worldwide, spotless regulatory compliance, and is located in a top English-speaking British Commonwealth nation totally committed to customer privacy. HRB is proud of satisfying customers.

About Saint Kitts and Nevis: First discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, St. Kitts and Nevis was the British Empire’s capital in the region for several centuries. Located a short flight from Florida USA, Saint Kitts and Nevis is a successful British Commonwealth country with a highly developed economy, a tax-free jurisdiction, a democratic government, and a respected and independent judiciary enriched by a deep British heritage and close friendship with the United States, EU, Canada, and the UK. The home of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton in 1755, Saint Kitts and Nevis has established itself as one of the premier jurisdictions for rigorous regulatory compliance practices.

Founded by prominent British banking and legal experts based in Londonthe Bank is a fully regulated leading global banking conglomerate headquartered in Saint Kitts and Nevis, a British Commonwealth country located a short distance south of Florida USA. The Bank serves a large and distinguished clientele from around the world.

Hamilton Reserve Bank engages in three business lines: Banking, Trust & Escrow, and Capital Markets. The Bank is also a Saint Kitts and Nevis government-approved Escrow Agent bank, as well as a licensed International Marketing Agent duly authorized to assist local real estate developers and agents relating to the government’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI or CIP).

The Bank has a solid compliance program jointly developed and implemented with Kroll, the world’s largest compliance adviser. The Bank maintains a spotless regulatory compliance record with worldwide regulators and has never been the subject of any regulatory actions.

Hamilton Reserve Bank has a pristine regulatory history certified annually by Grant Thornton. The Bank has never been the subject of any disciplinary action by any regulatory body in the world. The Bank adopts, applies, and follows KYC, AML, and other well-established international guidelines on client due diligence and acceptance protocols.

Banking with Hamilton Reserve Bank (HRB) is simple: The Bank does not accept cash or checks. Transactions are conducted via fast wire transfers. Online banking is available 24/7. Incoming and outgoing wires are processed within hours on the same day. The Bank serves customers in more than 150 countries around the world in multiple currencies.

Transfer Instructions

For transfer Instructions please click here

Making A Deposit:
The Bank accepts incoming wires from around the world in more than 150 countries. In general, incoming wires take less than 2 business days to arrive at the Bank.
Making A Withdrawal:

Outgoing wires, including third-party wire payments, can be self-directed online by customers through the Bank’s secure online portal. Bank officers may contact a customer for identity verification purposes. Outgoing wires can be processed within an hour of customer request.

The Bank is in full compliance with all applicable local and international regulatory standards. The Bank performs extensive and continuing due diligence on all client engagements in conjunction with Kroll, the world’s largest regulatory compliance adviser trusted by leading global banks and governments worldwide.

Saint Kitts & Nevis maintains full compliance and is held in high regard with all FATF/CFATF and OECD regulatory requirements with its rigorous AML and CFT regulatory system. The Bank maintains robust compliance programs and banking relationships with significant global financial institutions. The Bank supports customers’ banking activities in multiple currencies and processes SWIFT wire transfers to and from more than 150 countries.

Unparalleled Safety of Customer Deposits: All of the Bank’s customer deposits either remain in cash or are invested in sovereign bonds.

A No-Lending Policy, No Bad Loans: HRB does not extend customer credit therefore the Bank has no loan book. HRB’s customer deposits are never exposed to any credit risk. The Bank’s lending policy prohibits customer lending to ensure HRB has a zero loan default rate. 

Rigorous Regulatory Oversight: The Bank is subject to rigorous regulatory oversight by the government regulators and strictly adheres to high compliance standards.

These policies not only simplify the Bank’s balance sheet but also provide the utmost safety of customer deposits.

Yes. The Bank’s customers have direct and secure online access to their accounts 24/7. To protect customer privacy, the Bank does not send physical client communications or hold mail.

A customer’s initial wire deposit automatically triggers online banking access.

Global Banking, Trust & Escrow, and Capital Markets: HRB offers a wide range of banking, asset management, investments, wealth planning, and other financial products and services to a large corporate and individual clientele worldwide.

Tailored Bank Trust and Escrow Solutions: The Bank provides tailored Trust and Escrow services including opening customer escrow accounts to facilitate specific transactions such as real estate or other deal closings worldwide.

Worldwide New Business Formation: The Bank regularly assists and advises clients on forming new business entities. The Bank is capable of forming new businesses in all proper jurisdictions.

A Leading Bank Advising the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI): The Bank is the only Escrow Agent bank directly licensed by the federal government to serve the world-renowned CBI program. The Bank is also a fully licensed International Marketing Agent relating to the CBI.

More: HRB Bank-advised St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment.

Hamilton Reserve Bank (licensed in St. Kitts & Nevis) and Hamilton international Reserve Bank (licensed in the USA, transacts in USD at lightning speed directly with the U.S. Federal Reserve) are affiliated banks under common ownership. The banks closely collaborate and efficiently serve customers via both SWIFT and Fedwire/ABA. Our joint capabilities are of great interest to our clients due to each bank’s unique capabilities and jurisdiction. For our qualified private banking customers, options are available to open accounts at either bank or both banks.

The banks have access to worldwide investment products through our securities custodian relationships with leading brokerage and asset management firms around the globe. Thus, our qualified private banking clients can purchase and hold investments in their bank accounts.

Our banks serve customers from around the world fast, secure, and with a high degree of privacy. Meanwhile, our banks have pristine regulatory records and provide assurances of customer deposit safety. We are required by law and regulations to know our customers including their transaction activities. As we process outgoing customer wire payments, we require receipts to support the validity of those wires to comply with regulations and ensure there are no errors with wire details.

Yes, our customer online portal secured through facial recognition technology is powered by temenos. It is superb and secured and can be accessed by our clients on any of their devices. Please make you have registered online. It should be a simple, seamless process. Our customer support staff will be more than happy to assist with any technical matters that you may encounter.

Internal account transfers among related clients accounts are self-directed and executed by our clients in real-time without limitations. It is simple, straightforward, and immediately completed.

The bank offers many services that our clients benefit from. Among those, the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship related escrow agent fees are completely free for our private banking customers.

The banks utilize both SWIFT codes and ABA numbers:
Hamilton International Reserve Bank: SWIFT – STULPRSJ 
Hamilton International Reserve Bank: Fedwire/ABA#: 021502422 
Hamilton Reserve Bank: SWIFT - NIBTKNNE 
Both international and U.S. domestic wire transfers are used to satisfy our large and diverse worldwide clientele.

All outgoing wires, including third-party wires, are self-directed online by our clients with the use of biometric authentication in a secured environment. Our bankers may contact the clients to verify proper authorizations before final processing. Payment receipts in support of the outgoing wires are required. Approved wires are automatically processed and can be viewed immediately online.

Currently, USD and EURO are our primary deposit and transaction currencies. Soon, GBP and AED will be added.

In Q3 of 2022, the banks intend to issue debit card services to our Private Banking clientele. Minimum deposit balances are required to qualify. Our qualified clients are assigned private bankers who direct assist customers on all banking needs.

The banks do not maintain unfunded accounts. Empty accounts will be closed. Customers with a minimum of $1 million in deposits may qualify as our Private Banking clients.

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