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Client First Global Banking:

Our Bank’s founding principle is simple: “CLIENT FIRST.”

CLIENTS WELL SERVED. We believe when a bank values its clients and diligently fulfills their needs with integrity, transparency, and efficiency, the Bank’s success will naturally follow. Our Bank clients can count on us, and we are committed to standing by them when they need us the most.

YOUR “CLIENT FIRST GLOBAL BANK.” We strive to operate as a client-friendly global bank, providing the highest level of customer care in a highly compliant and ethical environment. The Bank understands unique client needs by meticulously keeping clients’ best interests in mind and respecting customer privacy and confidentiality.

MORE THAN JUST A FULLY REGULATED BANK. We offer comprehensive, one-stop financial solutions across a variety of financial markets: BankingTrust and Escrow ServicesWealth Management, Capital Markets. The Bank also operates as an International Marketing Agent and Escrow Agent Bank for the renowned St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program.

BEST-IN-CLASS COMPLIANCEThe Bank has a formal and ongoing global collaboration on regulatory compliance with Kroll, the world’s famed regulatory adviser on compliance. With Kroll’s guidance, the Bank has implemented rigorous compliance practices, matching the level of leading banks in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.  

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Capital Strength And Scale Matter: 24/7 Global Presence, Yet Personal

The global footprint of our business touches nearly every aspect of a corporate client or an individual’s life. From corporate banking and private banking to asset management and bank letters of credit, the Bank offers an unwavering commitment to its global customers. We have the capital strength, global scale, and many decades of combined experience from the bank’s leadership to take on almost all contemplated client assignments while diligently serving our customers in multiple languages and time zones across the globe.

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Honoring Client Privacy, the
Cornerstone of This Bank

The Bank protects our clients’ privacy as much as our own. The Bank holds dearly the trust of confidentiality our worldwide customers have placed in us to safeguard our clients’ privacy.

Transparent Service Standards

Hamilton Reserve Bank Customer Service

Satisfaction is in the Bank's DNA

It is the Bank’s duty to provide a secure and highly efficient place for our clients to conduct business with us. The Bank works hard every day to meet customer needs, standing by our clients whenever and wherever they need our support. We are focused on satisfying customers and operating in a highly efficient and compliant environment.

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Integrity and
Efficiency are at
the Heart of This Bank

The Bank and our people are dedicated to maintaining high ethical and efficiency standards in everything we do. We are transparent with our customers, our correspondent banking relationships, and our regulators. We strive to maintain the highest level of integrity, which is the hallmark of our rapidly growing business.

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