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HAMILTON RESERVE BANK is the largest global bank in the entire Caribbean region with worldwide offices. Our private banking executives come from 13 countries speaking 15 different languages. We are the award-winning hometown bank of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton (born 1755, the first U.S. Treasury Secretary, founder of the Bank of New York – the world’s largest custodian bank). Hamilton Reserve Bank enjoys a deep British heritage, currently serving a large and rapidly expanding clientele from 150+ countries. We are Fast, Strong, Private, and Compliant.

Founded by esteemed lawyers and bankers from London, Hamilton Reserve Bank is a client-focused, service-oriented bank totally committed to hassle-free “white-glove” private banking, offering both precision and the fastest speed powered by our Temenos technology, which is the same core banking software that runs 80% of the world’s largest banks.


  • Top customer service, superb capital strength, pristine compliance
  • A fully licensed, regulated global bank HQ in Saint Kitts & Nevis
  • Hamilton Reserve Bank Plaza, a scenic 12-acre bank campus in Nevis
  • A tax-free, English law jurisdiction
  • Entrusted private data, one of the best Privacy Laws in the world
  • Clients: Billion-dollar family offices, agents, individuals, and entities
  • Super-fast multicurrency bank wires via SWIFT gpi, SEPA, and Fedwire
  • Top global correspondent banking, access to external asset managers
  • “Diamond Black” Mastercard debit cards
  • New account approval 100% online in minutes
  • Allow 3rd party wires, internal account transfers among clients
  • The nation’s largest Trust & Escrow services bank, a 98% market share
  • Asset protection: Register a Nevis entity + open new bank account in 1 day


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When you become a bank customer, you expect us to always provide clear information about how the Bank delivers banking services to you.


Hamilton Reserve Bank banking services are delivered in an honest and efficient manner. The Bank's advanced IT solutions are available to clients in a highly secure environment.


We offer premier customer service with 24/7 secure online account access.


Customers' personal information is treated as strictly private and confidential in accordance with the laws of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Our banking and payment systems operate on encrypted, secure, and reliable platforms.


Hamilton Reserve Bank uses a set of sophisticated and wide-ranging software and hardware security measures to protect customer privacy. These tools are layered throughout our banking services and are paired with dedicated regulatory compliance and fraud prevention measures.

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