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Bank Trust and Escrow Agent Services

As business transactions become global, risk mitigation becomes the top priority in every transaction. The Bank acts in a neutral capacity pursuant to executed Escrow Agreements entered among transaction parties, holding in trust and escrow client funds and valuables.

Escrow Bank Accounts: The Bank opens segregated client escrow bank accounts to accommodate transactions in all major currencies across many jurisdictions.

Follow The Steps below to Open A Bank Escrow Account Within 2 Days:

  • The party requesting bank escrow agent services must be a bank customer.
  • Present to the Bank for review the executed transaction agreement between customer parties.
  • Upon approval, sign the Bank’s standard escrow agent agreement.
  • The Bank opens a new escrow account on the same day which can be used immediately.
  • The Bank will hold funds in escrow and disburse funds per the escrow agreement.

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Contact your Relationship Manager for additional details or, enquire by email:

Hamilton Reserve Bank Mergers

Escrow accounts, merger & acquisition support

Hamilton Reserve Bank offers a full range of bank trust and escrow services to support client engagements around the globe.

Typical client activities: Mergers and acquisitions, asset sales or divestitures, bankruptcies, restructurings, subscription escrows, real estate sales, and leasebacks, royalty payments, SPACs, and private placements.

Holdback Escrows: Our Holdback Accounts mitigate transaction risk by offering a way for the buyer to seek claims for false representations or breaches of warranty. Hamilton Reserve Bank Holdback Accounts enable clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied.

Good Faith Deposits: We offer Good Faith Deposits, which allow for a portion of the transaction purchase price to be held in escrow to help buyers and sellers initiate negotiations, facilitate bidding, and ultimately finalize a mutually favorable contract.

Closing Agent Escrows: Escrow Accounts to facilitate the exchange of the company stock from the seller for a cash payment from the buyer.

Paying Agent Services: A tailored service to disburse funds to the selling shareholders directly from an escrow account.

Hamilton Reserve Bank Capital Markets

Debt Capital

Hamilton Reserve Bank offers escrow solutions for corporate and private equity entities issuing bonds or receiving loans, including:

Bond and Loan Issuance: We provide corporate and private equity firms with escrows that segregate bond and loan proceeds and can be used for a variety of transactions. Our Bond and Loan Issuance services can also help mitigate the risk of proceeds being used for unintended purposes.

Other Lending Services: Ability to hold assets in escrow as collateral for loans to help mitigate the risk of default for the lender.

Hamilton Reserve Bank Cross Border Performance

Cross-Border Transaction Support

Escrow arrangements for cross-border transactions typically require unique solutions, whether simple or highly customized. At Hamilton Reserve Bank, our dedicated team of global experts has comprehensive knowledge of governing laws and jurisdictions across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, Central/South America, and the Caribbean regions and helps clients coordinate across time zones and jurisdictions, and help minimize cross-border transaction risk.

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